Show Me the Way
Show Me the Way
Frankie O

Show Me the Way

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‘Show Me the Way’

This piece was made toward the end of the Blooms Series. It has collage underneath the base painting of the work but none on top. It was a homage to the sketch that evoked the entire series which used fluorescent pink and orange ink and had a large white flower in the middle of the composition.  I just love how this looks like a pot of fireworks going off. And I just adore those deep bright pinks popping out. Just divine !

Original Acrylic and Collage on Canvas. Framed in Pine.

Shipping available - FREE DELIVER IN BENDIGO AREA. 

*These works are currently being exhibited and will be shipped at the close of the exhibition. If you need it sooner or just can't live without it, get in touch because I can make it happen!

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