I've been a few things in my life... student, teacher, mother... but I never really called myself an artist until now. 

Where did it all start you might ask?

Well I guess my journey to becoming an artist really took off in my late 30’s when attending the Rome Art Program. Sure, I was already a qualified Art Teacher... but I hadn't practised my skills in years.  That's where this amazing program came in.  Designed to stretch and reconnect artists to their studio practise by painting and drawing on the streets of Rome in the plein-air tradition. I mean, how could you not be inspired!!

After this four week stint I came home filled with ambition and determination to devote more time to my studio practice. In 2015 I began my first One Drawing a Day project, a daily commitment that helped me rediscover and redefine my drawing skills and find time in my busy schedule for art making. And from that point on my art world opened.

I studied a Bachelor of Fine Art at La Trobe, Bendigo (1997) and came out with a love of figurative oil painting. My work reflected emotive stories usually with a biographical background. They were dark and moody with a touch of symbolism and a nod to Greek Mythology.

However now... 20 years later... with a world of travel and experience under my belt, you will generally find me trying desperately to recreate the places I have travelled, with something of an illustrative, urban sketch type style. I've traded oils for watercolour, canvas for a touch screen tablet and figures for architecture.

I am heavily influenced by contemporary artists such as Liz Steel, Claire Caulfield and Bridget Davies. Each who have a magical relationship with their subject matter.

And when I need to change pace, as I find my subject matter is as diverse as the media I use, I often turn to high fashion and vintage tea cups to explore colour and expressive line, which are my one true north and the back bone to most of my work.