One Digital Drawing a Day

Can I really do it again? Do I really want to do it again? Why am I doing this again??!!

One Digital Drawing a Day for an entire year, on an ancient touch screen tablet, with no digital illustration skills to speak of?? I must be out of my mind!!

My 16 month old daughter thought so too...

ONE DIGITAL DRAWING A DAY... an epic journey to re discover the minimum amount of sleep a person needs to survive and redefine my role as artist.. mother.. wife.. person. Are you still a person if you don't sleep????? ....

I can laugh now that my daughter is 2 and is finally, FINALLY, sleeping longer than an hour day or night. But for more than 18 months that was my life.                                                           

This is my second attempt at one drawing a day.  This particular time round was born from a need to feel accomplishment in the day to day monotony of a sleep deprived mother.

My collection of images with a broad rand of subject matter and styles are loosely tied together by a love of audacious colour, energetic lines and speed of application.  Most images are created in under an hour, a time frame which kept me honest and sane.

I hope you enjoy them.