Commission: Bendigo Town Hall and Fountain

This large scale painting was commissioned as a gift by a local Bendigo Resident for their parents Christmas Present.  Incorporating the Bendigo Town Hall, Alexandra Fountain and tulips this commission was created in a similar style of the Bendigo Visitor Information Centre Mural. 



Pennyweight Walk 'In Bloom' Murals

In 2021, I worked with Nacho Station and the City of Greater Bendigo on an Instillation for Pennyweight Walk as part of their spring campaign called 'Bloom'. 

All part of a city activation program to celebrate the region's tulip display and promote a variety of experiences for residents and visitors. The secret garden hosted floral canopies, garden boxes, interactive chalk boards and floral themed murals.



Pinot & Picasso 'Iconic Bendigo' Mural

This mural was created for the interior wall of Pinot & Picasso Bendigo In 2021.  The owner wanted an image that immediately tapped into Bendigo's history and Iconic architecture, using a vivid colour scheme that would photograph well behind guests who attended painting workshops.


Bendigo Visitor Centre Mural

In 2018, I worked with the Bendigo City Council on a commission for the Bendigo Visitor Centre.  My design was based on a Tram Journey through the centre of Bendigo past all my favourite old buildings including the Shamrock Hotel, Soldiers Memorial, the Colonial Mutual Life Building and the Alexandra Fountain.

As part of the commission, the Visitors Centre had the process of creating the mural captured through time laps video.  The end result was amazing and a fabulous way to share the creation of this work.

I still love watching this! What a fabulous collaboration with the Bendigo Visitor Centre Explore Bendigo and Hebron Films!